National Night Out


Why a National Night Out? The purpose of National Night Out, which is organized in conjunction with various police organizations nationwide, is to inform the public about various police and community programs. Drug prevention initiatives, town watch organizations, or even tips on how to burglar proof your home, are only a few of the educational highlights of a typical National Night Out gathering.

Reservoir Hill Mutual Homes, Inc. (RHMH) hosted its National Night Out in conjunction with Reservoir Hill Improvement Council (RHIC).

Tai Chi Demonstration
Tai Chi Demonstration
Tai Chi Demonstration
Tai Chi Demonstration



New Board President, Patty Wilson

Patty Wilson at the 2014 PAHC Conference

On Wednesday, May 13, 2015, the Reservoir Hill Mutual Homes, Inc. (RHMH) Board of Directors designated Ms. Patty Wilson as the President of the Board of Directors, effective immediately. We are grateful for and want to recognize the years of service and dedication Ms. Ruthie L. Wilder has provided to RHMH as Ms. Wilder continues to serve as a valuable member of our leadership team.

Ms. Patty Wilson is retired from the University of Maryland Baltimore County where she provided support and day-to-day management and operation of the Theatre Office including personnel, payroll, procurement and budget activities; making travel arrangements and coordinating meetings; responding to general public inquiries; interacting with institutional officials and staff; and performing other duties as assigned.

Ms. Wilson has operated as RHMH Chair of the Membership Committee since 2014 and is also responsible for the RHMH Newsletter. She has served on our Board of Directors from 1991 to 1995 and from 2006 to present. In addition to her community service on our Board of Directors, Ms. Patty Wilson is also the co-editor for the Potomac Association of Housing Cooperatives (PAHC).

Please congratulate Ms. Wilson on her new role and introduce yourself as the opportunity presents itself.